Alien Mysterious Forest Escape

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Jack went into the forest again for he needed some supplies for he can’t get it anywhere now except there, but this time he needs to go deeper into the place for he knows there isn’t any of the stuff he needs in the area he constantly frequents, and that’s why deep into the forest he goes! He needs to be quick as well for it will soon be dark and it will be hard to navigate there. Little did he know however that he will be heading straight to something mysterious and for him that will change his life forever.

Jack at first noticed some things following him as he moves, that got him uneasy so he started to trace his steps back for this must be a place inhabited by poachers or vandals. Well it was indeed inhabited, but with something different however and is literally out of this world! Jack came face to face with a bunch of tall gray aliens and now they are starting to circle him! Upon finding that out, Jack quickly ran away from them! But it seems the aliens here are catching-up! He could be near in some sort of modern alien base or something for they are just coming from nowhere and are increasing in numbers. Jack needs to keep going and fast now for there is surely nobody will be coming to save him if the worst comes and really, he doesn’t know what those things will do to him if they catches him. Escape players, want to help Jack here escape the forest and from the aliens of course before his fears comes to realize?

Alien Mysterious Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Alien Mysterious Forest Escape

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