Christmas Kungfu Panda Escape

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Gerald’s friend here has this new strange pet and it’s quite the peculiar creature. And so that day he went to visit this friend of his just to see this said creature and why was it unique. This animal was a panda and is a real animal, but the thing was it knows Kung Fu and is giving his friend quite a headache! It sounds like that cartoon character he knows, but he’ll just see though what he is really talking about. As Gerald arrives at the house however, something was actually happening there and for now his friend was really trying to focus and fix that!

The panda of his friend got trapped in a room there in the house and he couldn’t get the creature out! Gerald then thought, well this is something, for he can’t see it just yet and this is kind of like a grand entrance for this said unique panda. But he’ll help his friend though for he was definitely curious of this animal as well. Escape players, you will now be playing as Gerald here, will you be able to help his friend get the panda out of the room and safely too? Careful now for this panda might give a strong punch or a kick.

Christmas Kungfu Panda Escape is the newest point and click indoor animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Kungfu Panda Escape

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