Jocular Parasaurolophus Escape

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The king keeps all sorts of things in his possession and most of them are just secrets which only a few of his subjects knows about. One of his secrets was this creature and it’s definitely the king of all exquisite and exotic animals in the world currently. The king keeps a Parasaurolophus and it’s a creature that lived in the dinosaur age, it is actually a dinosaur itself! But the king does not keep a fossil though or just a piece of it, he keeps a real and live animal which was full of health and strength!

Nobody knows how the king procured such a creature, a lot of rumors tell that the king is a time traveler or something, but whatever the secret is here the king only knows. Now just like any other animal, this giant ancient reptile likes to frolic around in the fields for it is a herbivore, that’s why whenever it is caged it gets a little agitated. It was good and taken care of until one day the worst came, for the creature managed to escape and it’s now in the village that surrounds the kingdom! Of course the villagers didn’t know that the unusual creature belonged to the king, so when they saw it they captured it and then reported to the authorities of their strange catch. The king was really given a huge headache here, that’s why he sent his right-hand man who was Donatello to come and get it. Donatello doesn’t know about this, for the creature might hurt him or worst, the people themselves. Still it is an order from his highness and it must be carried-out. Escape players, you will now be placed on the shoes of the king’s right-hand Donatello here, will you be able to get this done and bring back the dinosaur to its enclosure?

Jocular Parasaurolophus Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Jocular Parasaurolophus Escape

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