Snow Land Wolf Man Escape

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The land is slowly starting to thaw and it’s now a good time to venture through the icy wilderness, but of course people must still be careful. As one of the persons who decided so, Sonny went for he needs to continue his journey to get to the other town for well the weather had stopped him completely before and postponed his entire journey, now that he has a chance then he needs to hurry. Sonny was in the half part of his journey and he is getting nearer and nearer to the next town, that would mean he is also getting near this off-limits territory which was said to be being claimed by a dangerous wolfman!

Sonny kept his focus as he passed by the place, he just says to himself that such a thing doesn’t exist and God is protecting him. But well little did he know he was actually destined to face this monster and now he needs to save himself! Sonny came across such the monstrous creature! It was definitely a werewolf and strangely though it is not even attacking him directly, it was moving slowly from tree to tree and is stalking him. Well that’s still not a good sign, he must get to the safety of the town before this situation gets absolutely worst. Escape players, it was already weird why the wolfman is out in the daylight, he shouldn’t be until the sun sets, but there he was and Sonny needs to get to safety right away.Will you help Sonny here so he can get to the town soon?

Snow Land Wolf Man Escape is a brand new point and click icy wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Snow Land Wolf Man Escape


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3 months ago

Judging by the high rating, this game has disgraced only on my computer. At first it shamelessly slows down, and then (when installing the last fourth fan in the door) it tightly freezes. And so tightly that only page reloading helps. Sad but true.