Jiminy Cricket Singer Escape

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You know where Jiminy cricket lives and because he really isn’t a person, nor he is an ordinary creature, his whereabouts should be left secret for people who knew him before absolutely know what happened when he was almost introduced openly to the public. As one of the last friends he can trust, you visit him from time to time just to make sure he is okay and is well provided for. And that day it was another visiting day and lucky for the little guy you visited, for actually he was in some trouble and is in need of help!

As you entered the house, you heard him singing, and then when he noticed you, he started screaming for help! Okay, he is trapped in the room there which was weird, for he is small and he can slip through tight passages, but then again the room where he is was designed to be sealed with no cracks. The fact that he is singing means that he could have been trapped for a while, but not to worry now for you are here and you can help him. Escape players, you are actually in the situation here and the one and only Jiminy cricket here needs help. As his friend you will definitely, but the question is now will you be able to pry that thing open with everything you can find and got?

Jiminy Cricket Singer Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Jiminy Cricket Singer Escape

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