Melodic Pursuit – Find Singer Sam

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Sam has a very soothing voice and whenever he sings he kind of melodically glides through the music smoothly and that results in a beautiful sound. That’s why he is always called in the neighborhood when there is an event that requires him to do some singing. That day though as you went to his house for he was being called again, you discovered that he is trapped inside!

Escape players, you really went to great lengths in entering his house when you heard him call for help, now that you are in there, you need to get him out of the room where he could not get himself out of. Will you be able to find anything that can help get him out of there?

Melodic Pursuit – Find Singer Sam is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game released by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Melodic Pursuit – Find Singer Sam

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8 months ago

Since yesterday there has been a problem with this site: everything on the left side of the monitor DOES NOT work. Clicking on the drawings or arrows on the left DOES NOT work. This has happened before, I thought it was a problem with my PC but when playing the same games on another site everything worked fine. I’ve already cleared the cache and restarted the PC, but the problem persists. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!