Find Little Boy Sam

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Darius will now be going to his friend’s house to see him, for the last time they saw each other was ages ago, and he has a new son whom Darius would like to meet as well.

As Darius arrives at the house, he was welcomed as expected, but what he didn’t expect was a frantic friend! Darius asked what was going-on, that’s when he knew that his friend’s boy is trapped in his own room and his friend was now trying his real best to free him! Darius didn’t know what to say, after all he just met his friend again for a long-time, but he picked the most logical thing to do though and that is to help there. Escape players, Darius is going to help free his friend’s son from being trapped. Imagine you are Darius here now and you are to offer your skills and logic for this rescue. Will those be enough though? Come then and try then.

Find Little Boy Sam is another new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game made by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Find Little Boy Sam

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