Red Rabbit Escape

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You have been chasing this strange rabbit in the forest and for a year now you still haven’t caught it. This rabbit isn’t just any rabbit which can be found in a wilderness though, for the one you are trying to track is entirely colored in red! You have no idea why it is colored red though, maybe it fell into some dye or something? Well if it had then the color should have faded already, that’s why there is only one explanation about that now, it must be natural and that’s why you are trying to capture it and find-out why is it so.

One day though, you finally had a break! For at the abandoned house in the forest where you placed a trap, this said creature finally went in there. You were really happy that you finally caught the thing you had been trying to capture, now it is time to get it out of there though for you really mean no harm to the animal, it’s just you want to know what it is really and why is it red. Escape players, okay then now it has come to this, will you be able to release this strange rabbit now so it can return to where it belongs?

Red Rabbit Escape is the newest point and click animal escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Red Rabbit Escape

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