Delightful Parrot Escape

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Green colored parrots are not really endemic in this place, that’s why Caleb was taking care of his delicately for this one here is kind of like an exquisite one in the place, probably even the only one too. Caleb doesn’t really let his green parrot out of its cage too often for its home is already pretty big, but still that won’t stop it from flying away into the great outdoors though, and unfortunately that day it flew out for there was a hole in its cage which had been growing for a while!

Caleb keeps forgetting in patching this hole which he sees in the cage, now that this had happened he really learned his lesson. But still he cannot let this be for there might still be a chance to rescue his parrot and for that, time is a wasting. Escape players, Caleb needs to find his green parrot in any ways he can, for as long as he doesn’t see it there is still a chance of getting it back. Want to help in the rescue here for Caleb’s parrot wherever it may be now?

Delightful Parrot Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Delightful Parrot Escape

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