Irish Lad Escape Game

Irish Lad Escape

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It had been 10 years since you last saw your friend. He studied in your school for a year only. But you had made so many memories with him. You went to his house and play there after examinations. Along with your other friends, you would always play hide and seek. Then you would transfer to another friends house for snacks. It was the perfect friendship that you had imagined. But it ended so soon when he left school. His family migrated to Ireland. You hadn't seen him since then. Although you could hear from your friends that he came home a couple of time. But you never got the chance to meet him again. He never left your mind though. You were so curious to know if he still remembered you. Or you were just another nameless memory for him. Then he came home once more.

You got so excited about it. But your friends were a step ahead of you. They planned a party and invited him over. You had the task to bring him to the location. So you took your car with you and went to his house. You were let in but you still couldn't see him. He was still in his room figuring out how to get out. Play Irish Lad Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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