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Mountain River 2

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Your friend thought he found a perfect event for cat lovers. He took some cats from rescue houses and placed them in cages. Then he invited some cat lovers to look for the cages and the cats inside them. The person who found the cage would be the owner of the cat. However, they could also exchange the cats depending on their preferences. This event would ensure that the cats would go loving homes. At first you thought it was cruel. But when you looked past the cages, you could see the happy cats waiting for their forever home. So you joined the event. One, to own our own cat. And two, to make sure no cruelty was happening during the event. Your friend appreciated your presence. He made sure to give you a clear map of the route. However, you wanted to be fair.

So you left the map at the registration table. Then you went out to find your own cat. Then again, the paths in the forest could be confusing. You had a hard time looking for your first cat. When you finally found one, another participant emerged from the trees and you ended up giving it to them. Until you found the perfect cat for you. The next thing to figure out was how to get it from the cage. Play Mountain River 2 outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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