Escape Wooden House (Avm Games) Game

Escape Wooden House (Avm Games)

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The skies were clear when you left the house. It was your free time and you went out to explore your neighborhood. There was a forest at the far end of it. You haven't been there ever since you lived here. But you have seen people going there with baskets of food or some books. You really wanted to go there. But your schedule was packed for the past few weeks. Then finally, all your work was done for the year. So you chose a day to enter the forest. You only bought your hat and a bottle of water with you. You didn't really plan to stay there for long. With your house secured, you made your way to your destination. It was a beautiful sight. And you truly enjoyed your walk there. After a few minutes, you found a house.

It was just the right time. The bright sky was slowly getting cloudy. And you needed to find a place in case the rain poured. You began to feel the rain falling on you. So you ran towards the  wooden house. You called out so many times. But no one answered. You found the door opened a little and you cautiously welcomed yourself in closing the door behind you. However, you should have left it open. Play Escape Wooden House (Avm Games) room escape game by Avm Games.

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