Hometown Escape Game

Hometown Escape

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Hometown Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Selfdefiant for another fun adventure in through a town. Have Fun!

Brenda was on her vacation for her boss allowed her a paid week off for she was recognized as a really hardworking and dedicated person to the company, that's her reward for so. In selecting a first destination, Brenda chose her hometown for she haven't been to the place for decades now, and she expects only a few of the people she knows that are still there for it's quite a long time ago. Brenda took the hours of driving there and after having a hard-time navigating the place thanks to how it changed, she managed to find the small house she used to live in and well, it hadn't change at all weirdly.

Brenda was happy that she made it in her hometown finally, but when she decided to leave for her second destination, she realized that this could get quite long though for she actually got lost in her old hometown! Brenda was really confused on the new structures there, that caused her to journey even deeper in town and when she tried to ask for directions, she was always turned-down and for some she was given some even more confusing info. Brenda is on the tightest of her schedule here and if she really wants get the full benefits of her vacation, she has to find the way back to the road and leave her hometown while she is still feeling positive. Escape players, Brenda is clearly lost in her hometown there, care to try the town escape adventure with her and see if you can all make it out as well? Enjoy then everyone, good luck!

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