Night Backyard Game

Night Backyard

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Try this fun escape adventure here everyone in an outdoor setting. Night Backyard is the newest point and click escape game from Fun Escape Games for another dose of fun with us. Best of luck!

Tanner and his brother got invited to this luxurious place here and they were a bit behaved because of how arranged everything there was, but well it didn't last long for they turned the backyard into their playground, they were welcomed guests so the owner of the place who was their relative just allowed them to. It was getting dark at the time, but Tanner and his brother continued to play in the background still, well it wasn't a good idea however for they absolutely got in some trouble there and the adults don't even know it!

In the middle of their hide and seek game which was quite a dangerous game in relation to the time they played, everything was at first good but eventually though, Tanner broke-free from his brother and the two just lost track of each other including their current location! Tanner is getting really concerned now for soon, it's going to get even darker and because the garden is quite wide, they could just scream for help and not be heard at all. Escape players, Tanner must find his way back first and get some help for his brother, care to try the huge backyard escape adventure here with Tanner and see if you can solve this problem successfully? Enjoy then everyone!

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