Classy Gym Escape Game

Classy Gym Escape

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Classy Gym Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Enjoy another escape here in the gym and have fun!

The gym is just about to open that morning and Kiel is cleaning-up the workout section specially for sports, everything was just going smoothly but it somehow went a bit concerning after he realized a single thing. Kiel had been working in the gym for quite some time now and he himself have already been ripped of the workout sessions there, but well he hopes that the fact he is ripped is going to make things easy here, for that concerning thing he found-out was that he is actually mysteriously trapped in the gym for almost every door in the place would not open no matter how hard he tried!

Kiel was absolutely confused why was this happening, there wasn't any sophisticated security systems here or anything that can lead to this occurrence. Kiel must not stand in confusion however, for this gym is already a part of him and he also hopes aside from escaping out of the place that he'll find-out what triggered this weird thing to happen, will he be able to solve all of the problems here before opening? Escape players, you can join the gym escape adventure here with Kiel, use the best of your skills and logic to make this one end in success. Best of luck everyone!


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