Happy Warrior Escape

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The warrior in charge of protecting the castle’s kitchen went into a room in there that day just to check for secret entrances and other stuff, that’s because his superior have asked him to do so for currently the kitchen have gone quite inefficient and they thought somebody might be stealing stuff there under their noses. The warrior checks as the kitchen maids allowed him to, but then trouble for him strikes! For he could no longer escape from the room he entered!

The kitchen maids were not able to open it as well for the door is just jammed shut and their strength were not enough. And so another guard was called who was more of a grunt and a lower ranking officer than the warrior, but at least he is a guy and with more strength he might be able to get him out. But escape players, the question here might not be of strength at all but skill, so will you be the guard here and see what you can do to free the warrior from being trapped in one of the kitchen’s rooms there?

Happy Warrior Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Games 2 Escape.