Red Tasmanian Devil Escape

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Howard was at the bush that day looking for meat to hunt for he lives in the wilderness and he comes-by with what he can find just there. In his adventure that day however, he will come to find something different and it’s definitely a first for he thought he had been living in the vastness of the place alone, but then there it was a house in some thicket. Howard could not believe what he had found, finally a neighbor! But he would not believe what else he will find there as he checks the place.

Howard found cages in the house’s area and inside it were Tasmanian devils! Of course those rambunctious and aggressive creatures are native here, but they are not really truly hunted or only rarely, but why are they in cages here? Said Howard to himself. The house seems unoccupied at the moment, and he thought of waiting for the owner to return, but as he checks more of the cages though, he found something which really compelled him to act. Escape players, Howard here is about to find something truly remarkable of a creature and that will compel him to free it for well, such a creature never really exists, but there it was. It’s such a different day for Howard indeed, but what about you escape players? Want to see what kind of animal that is and see if you can all help it plus the other animals there as well?

Red Tasmanian Devil Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Red Tasmanian Devil Escape


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