Happy Warrior Woman Escape

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The queen have ordered an all around check in the castle for there are rumors that some things are not right in the place and the enemy could already be on to them. And so all warriors and guards have been sent to check everything, even the queen checked in places only she can access as well as her most elite guards. As the queen checked this room here where some of the kept valuable artifacts from old are in, she found someone there and at the moment she is not in a good state!

The one that is trapped was one of the queen’s elite warriors and she is trapped inside the giant cage there which was once used in the purge! It was a highly effective cage for it was used to trap enemies of the kingdom here, and when the queen saw her warrior she got concerned immediately for opening that thing is hard especially now the key to it is somewhere she can’t remember. This warrior of hers said she got curious of the contraption when she was checking things, she didn’t know it was actually active and it successfully sealed her in. The queen is going to be helping her warrior here for she is the hands-on kind of monarch, but will you help her still escape players for she doesn’t know how to open this cage and where that key to it is now?

Happy Warrior Woman Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Happy Warrior Woman Escape

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