Green Room Escape Games 2 Escape

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The green room which is an escape house is now accepting challengers to come and try to solve it. The house is just a simple one, but one can expect the escape challenges there to be as good as difficult. Noah was skeptical of the place’s difficulty though, but he has good reasons to think so for the previous escape houses that stood before had been easy, but little did he know the creators have really furnished their ways there and it’s going to be a little bit difficult for everyone.

Noah is still skeptical even if he is standing inside the rooms now ready for the challenge, but he is curious of what the place will yield though and in the back of his mind he hopes he’ll have a difficult and fun time as well. Escape players, the challenges of the escape house there is quite intriguing, are you curious enough to see how will the place do on challengers like you? Place yourself on the shoes of Noah here then and face the rooms as he will be doing so as well!

Green Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Escape.