Halloween Pumpkin Girl Escape Game

Halloween Pumpkin Girl Escape

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Halloween Pumpkin Girl Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by WoW Escape for more dose of fun adventures here in a spooky forest. Best of luck!

The forest has it's reputation of being a wonderland, for it has the ability to make illusions and sometimes it weren't pleasant at all. These illusions can be either real or not, but most people especially adventurers would think it's real for it's sometimes really is. The place gets even more active every eve of Halloween and what do you know, it is at that moment and as a person who lives just close-by the place, Maggie decided to venture it alone for fun and adventure!

That is one crazy idea she pulled, for the forest is still a big mystery to everyone and who knows what might be there for her, luckily her friend Matthew was close behind as he saw her went in there alone, but little did he know twhat he'll find there and it concerns his friend Maggie. Escape players, something very weird and absolutely magical happened to Maggie and it's not the good kind. Care to join in with Matthew here in the weird forest at the eve of Halloween and see if you can help Maggie with such a startling problem? Go ahead then, stay alert on your journey and have fun!


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