Giant Snail Escape Game

Giant Snail Escape

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Giant Snail Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Avm Games for more dose of fun animal rescues with us everyday. Good luck!

The village here has a lot of secrets but one however is pretty unusual and if ever the outside world knows about it, the place will definitely be swarmed by people and that could be the end of the seclusion of this village. Everybody in the village doesn't want that to happen, so they keep it a secret and keeps that secret under the rug. That unusual secret however, was a monstrously huge snail and it roams around the village, everyone thinks it is a lucky charm of the place so they leave it alone to live. One day however, Gary who was one of the villagers noticed something in the locked and unoccupied house and when he looked closer, he saw that the giant snail was actually trapped inside it!

That house has an owner but he doesn't come too often, that's why Gary decided to rescue the animal for it could get hurt in some way even though there are only a few things that can cause harm to it. Escape players, you are to rescue a giant snail here with Gary, will you all be able to make that rescue successfully? Go ahead and try then everyone, have fun!

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