Grey Triceratops Escape

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Terrence have been a cowboy all his life, but he is also an archeologist and he is the best person who can take care of this creature from a facility which is currently a big secret. The scientists of the department assigned Terrence to take care of this egg which was engineered. From what he asks? Well, the scientists have engineered it from the ancient dinosaur which was the triceratops and they expect it to hatch as that! Terrence is their best candidate to take the creature in without suspicion, for if they take it for themselves then it’s going to get caught in a lot of red-tape.

That day, Terrence noticed a crack on the shell and it wasn’t from an unknown impact or something, but it is actually trying to hatch! Now, Terrence has a lot of experience in rearing animals that comes out of eggs and he is somewhat qualified to do something about this. Terrence is going to need a tool to help the creature at least peek out of its shell there, but for that he is going to need extra help too. Escape players, will you help Terrence here find any tool which can help this creature get-out from its shell? Go ahead then, see this dinosaur project for yourself if it’s a success.

Grey Triceratops Escape is the newest point-and-click animal escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Grey Triceratops Escape

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