Archaeologist Escape (Games 2 Escape)

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Simmons is a professional archeologist and almost every year he finds very extraordinary things and really that nailed his name to the hall of famers in museums. That day even, he is at it again for he found what seems to be a tomb or a temple in Egypt and he accidentally found it! He is in there now trying to figure-out what the place is really. He marveled as to what he saw there, the place was absolutely untouched for thousands of years and the luxurious items which might have belonged to old pharaohs are still there and intact! This is definitely one heck of a find that he accidentally did, but he can’t show it to the world though if he can’t get out of there first.

Simmons just fell into the place and that’s only one way to enter, but getting out requires something else and because his men are outside the place, they cannot really enter for they couldn’t get out after like Simmons is experiencing. Looks like finding a way in and out here is now Simmons job, well he’d be happy to but of course it’s not without a risk, for ancient traps are there in the rooms and probably curses too. Escape players, Simmons here must keep going so that a team can be sent down there, will you be able to help Simmons here though so that can be possible?

Archaeologist Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Games 2 Escape.