Cowboy Escape (Games 2 Escape)

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There was a cowboy who lives in the wilderness and it’s the next distant neighbor Marcus has. They were quite good friends indeed, sharing food and random stories with each other, but that would only happen 1 to 2 months for they don’t really see that much often due to their own routines which wouldn’t coincide. That day though, Marcus has time so he visited his friend so he heads there. After a few minutes, Marcus arrives in the house and it’s weird why the place is open, he is kind of happy that he found it that way for that would only mean his cowboy friend is in the place. But little did he know there was actually a problem there.

Marcus enters the first room of the house and that’s when he heard a call for help! His friend is actually trapped in his own house there and it’s a good thing Marcus came-by for if he didn’t then he’ll be pushed to do something dangerous just to get out of there. But now that Marcus has arrived however, the question is will he be able to free his friend? Escape players, help-out on the rescue here then with Marcus and see if you can successfully open a door there in the house.

Cowboy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.

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