Green Land Escape (Games 2 Live)

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The greenery in the forest is really thick and because of that, people should really be careful of the place for a lot have already went missing in there through the years. Michael however was unaware of this for he is just a kid, he doesn’t even know if there are people living in there still, but he knows there is a settlement somewhere in there and he must reach that first before he can make it to open wilderness for his adventure. Such an adventure is really not advisable for him, but he is hard-headed and stubborn, whatever he wants he will do just to get it. Well little did he know he won’t even make it into the great outdoors, for he’ll get in trouble already in the settlement.

Michael managed to reach the settlement and he really though it is off he goes then, but he didn’t expect the area to be bigger and when he roamed around the houses there, he got lost! Michael could not find the right path now and this is starting to discourage him. That’s good, for a kid who was inexperienced should never take the hike alone into the wilderness. Escape players, will you help him out of there now so he can get home and think about this?

Green Land Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game from Games 2 Live.