Blue House Escape (Games 2 Live)

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The blue house is one of the houses which are built to escape from, the entire neighborhood has different colored houses and each color corresponds to its difficulty up until to the last one which was the hardest. After the purple house, there is the blue one and the difficulty from it will definitely increase, that is concerning for as a person who have tried the previous house, Jasper found it difficult already! The next one is going to be hell, but he needs to take it on as well for he is up for challenges here that day.

Jasper is now inside the blue house and what he noticed is it was bigger, this can be an advantage and a disadvantage, one for there are now more places to escape from but on the other hand, there are more places to look for clues and there are more puzzles to solve as well! Jasper is going to have to work this out if he wants to escape. Escape players, want to tackle the challenge here as well with Jasper and see if you can escape the blue house?

Blue House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape escape game released by Games 2 Live.