Green House Escape (Games 2 Live)

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Quentin’s boss have sent him to a mission which was not only top secret, but also a bit illegal. The department is trying their best to solve this one crime which was so big and they need to win no matter what for the enemy is already busting their dirty tricks. But for that to happen though they really need to do something now or they will lose on this one, that’s why Quentin was sent to this house in a neighborhood to get an item there which was quite important and that can potentially give them the win!

The house Quentin was sent to go to has a color of mostly green, not too green though, kind of like an off color green and definitely he can’t miss it. Well he didn’t and he was lucky that there was nobody home at that moment, he was able to enter it easily too and even get what they needed! Quentin was a bit mystified though why this thing was so easy, but when he thought about that though a problem immediately came to be! Quentin is now trapped in the house and it seems that there is a trap in there which he might have accidentally trigger! This is not good now, Quentin needs to escape this instant for if the owner returns, then this won’t be a clean and successful mission. Escape players, want to help Quentin here escape for it is the last thing he needs to do to ensure victory on this case?

Green House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Live.