Red House Escape (Games 2 Live)

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There was this strange house at the edge of the wilderness but even so the place is not really the old kind. The place has some technological capabilities and it’s pretty weird already when one just hears that for it’s definitely out of the norm. Maybe the place belongs to a private rich person who just wants more privacy? Or what about a criminal lord in hiding? Or it could be a front to a secret underground base or something? Nobody really knows but that day though as an adventurer, Dylan decided to find-out what he can about the place, and he will be going there!

As he enters there, Dylan expects some traps and high-tech obstacles which would stop him, indeed something like those he will come across, but he did not expect it to be much worst and it’s even enough that it would make him abandon this adventure of his altogether! Escape players, you will be with Dylan here as he moves in the place and you will face what he’ll be facing. But the question is then will you be able to solve that said problem which he will be facing?

Red House Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Red House Escape (Games 2 Live)

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