Tawny Owl Escape From Cage

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The owl Vincent was trying to look for in the forest, he finally found! It was his loyal pet and it is highly trained. That’s why when Vincent realized that it never came back to the house after he let it roam around in the forest for the day, he quickly got concerned for the owl never really does that. This is not good for there is a high chance the owl either got caught or predated, well Vincent was right on the first one when he found his owl.

Vincent found a settlement which seems to be unoccupied at least at the moment, and when he looked around he found a cage and in it was his owl! Vincent lowered himself then for he aims to rescue his owl, but if he is seen then his attempt might get blown. Now Vincent can just talk to the people here and ask if he can get his owl back, but he knows the place well and he knows that the people here can be very unreasonable, if it’s in their cage it’s theirs, that’s why Vincent was pushed to do this. Escape players, Vincent here needs to rescue his owl from the cage without making any loud noises and quickly, will you be able to help him with that?

Tawny Owl Escape From Cage is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Tawny Owl Escape From Cage

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