Grandpa Escape From Room Game

Grandpa Escape From Room

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There is an old house in the neighborhood and living in that house is an old person, he was now very weak but still he strives to become stronger, at least be able to get from his bedroom to the front-porch, he is able to do that now and his fellow neighbors are happy with him in succeeding in that, they also help him by providing different kinds of goods for they all know he has nobody to care for him. Little did the old man know he'll be experiencing some trouble there unfortunately, and it's the worst ever in his old life!

One day, Erwin one of his neighbors was heading to the old man's house for he'll be giving some provisions which he does every month, but as he got to the place though he realized that the old man was actually trying to escape from his house! At first Erwin didn't think of such for he was just moving around and he thought he could just be exercising slowly, but when the old man told Erwin that he was trapped, Erwin could not believe it at first for the man was so slow, there is absolutely no way he can get trapped, but everything was still possible though and his door was obviously locked. Escape players, Erwin is going to help the old man here escape and quickly too for who knows how long was he experiencing the problem and Erwin might be his only visit for the day. Come and give Erwin some help here everyone and also for the old man who is in trouble.

Grandpa Escape From Room is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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