Monster Castle Escape Game

Monster Castle Escape

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Wilmer always wanted to discover the true residents of the castle, but people have tried their best to cordon the place for according to them there are things living in there and for now they would just want every young villager to trust them and keep it a secret for now. Wilmer was the ultimate curious young person in their village among the rest, but he has fears of not following warnings from the grown-ups so he decided to just let it be and live without knowing. But it seems the universe has something for him, for when he woke-up one day he felt uncomfortable and as he opened his eyes, he found himself in the last place he would expect himself to be.

Wilmer found himself inside the castle and as he looked around, he thought to himself he is not just in any castle, but in the castle he was curious about! Wilmer found scary beings there and even though some looked friendly, they still have fangs on their mouths and that's enough to get Wilmer to run like hell! As he did though he thought, why was he there? Did somebody bring him? If so then why? He thought it could be the residents of the castle that took him and brought him in the place, it might be that they sensed his curiosity! Well it's just a theory but he knows one thing that isn't, and that is the fact that he needs to escape from the place right-now! Escape players, will you help Wilmer here escape the castle as quickly as possible?

Monster Castle Escape is the newest point and click scary ancient place escape game from Selfdefiant.

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