Balmy Village Escape Game

Balmy Village Escape

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Gino has a house in a far away village and he comes there every so often when winter sets in at the city where he currently lives, it's good in there for it's always balmy and really, Gino does not like the cold at all. And so Gino traveled for hours almost a day by land until he reached his destination, he was a bit surprised though for there was something different in the land where the village stands. The area had changed greatly! It was weird for it had only been a year, well he knows a lot can happen within that time period but not this where everything is really not the same.

Gino roam around and he couldn't even find his house, it's like the path changed altogether. Maybe there are new houses in the place? Or there could be new paths that have been created by the people there? Maybe, but he needs to get home now in there for this is only giving him an unwelcoming vibe and worst part about it too is that he couldn't find anybody there. Gino needs to navigate the place and maybe find somebody he knows to talk to and get some answers then. Escape players, will you help Gino here navigate in the beautiful warm village?

Balmy Village Escape is the newest point and click area escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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