Modish House Escape (8b Games)

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Ken had no choice but to take his grandma’s old house as a place he can stay for now because that is the only one he can get to at these tough times, so even though he is kind of scared of the place even from before when he was a kid, he eventually accepted. Ken was a regular visitor at his grandma’s place along with his mother before when she was living in the house, now she had moved to his mother’s so they can take care of her more. Ken had always been afraid of the house for he keeps seeing weird things in there and now he is back and is currently in it alone!

Ken just hopes he doesn’t have to see those things that had scared him before, yes he won’t but it doesn’t mean the place will allow him to just stay there and leave without any weird experiences. Ken is now trapped in the house for the doors are now locked and he couldn’t get them to open! Ken is definitely in a situation he fears and he has a strong feeling it could be the work of those unseen things living there, well he was about to leave and if he can get himself out now he’ll never return. Escape players, will you help Ken here escape safely before the situation gets worst?

Modish House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.