Graceful Ladybug Escape

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The kingdom is highly feared by other rivals, one factor is that the royal family is excellent in their information gathering and definitely top-notch! Rivals becomes uneasy every time they plan something against it. Well one factor for that is a secret and only the royal family as well as some of the elites in the kingdom knows about. That is because the royal family has the ability to talk and understand the insects around them! It is a fascinating blood-line ability that had been preserved through the years, they seek the help of insects to gather information and well those little critters can go through every nook and cranny undetected.

That week, the princess who has a friend ladybug have been sharing secrets and the like every day, such innocent times when one is young. But then she needed help, for her ladybug somehow went missing and when she tried to find it, she found that it got trapped in something! The princess have tried everything to free it, but the enclosure is tougher than it looks. Escape players, the princess is going to need a little help here, will you be able to give her aid so that she can get her ladybug safely back?

Graceful Ladybug Escape is a new rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.