Yoga Instructor Escape

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It’s once again another session with the yoga master and Benson is ready for he had a ton of stress the entire week. As usual, Benson enters the house, moved through the rooms, and knocked on the door. But instead of the usual come in word he had expected from the master, what he heard was a call for help! The yoga master seems to be relieved that he came, that’s because he had been asking help for hours now and was trying to open the door as hard as he can, but because he doesn’t want to destroy it, he didn’t have any other way but to wait, which he is of course an expert of. But now that Benson has come, he now has help. Well that’s if Benson can solve this though.

Benson could not open the door easily, he doesn’t know what’s up with it but he will try even harder for he still has a few ideas on how to solve this. What about you escape players? Will you have more ways than Benson here to unlock the door so that the yoga master can be freed? Come and try this challenge here then, rescue the yoga master and be ensured that your skills will be tested here.

Yoga Instructor Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.