Flower Ladybug Escape

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The flower ladybug is a native creature here which possesses magical powers. It is not too powerful though, just enough to keep the village here in the forest protected. The people knows this ladybug as its protector and they trust her even when she is a cute and tiny one, that’s why that day when something happened to it, one of the villagers there who was Frank immediately acted to help.

The ladybug got trapped in a house there and thankfully for it, Frank found her and he should be able to get her out. Well, it seems that he is still going to need some help with that. Escape players, imagine you are Frank here, will you be able to free the ladybug from where it’s trapped so it can be free like it’s suppose to to?

Flower Ladybug Escape is another new point-and-click rescue escape game made by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Flower Ladybug Escape

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