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Escape The Subway

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As Toby drifts away to dreamland, he was dreaming that he stood from his chair abandoning his post in the station and it was all fuzzy. Toby works as a guard in the train station and it was the first-time that he fell asleep in his post, guess he was really tired and all that day, but he jolted-up though for he realized he was asleep. But then he found himself in a different place however which he didn't expect at all!

Toby was in one of the train wagons and he has no idea why he was there! Maybe he slept-walked? For he can remember moving away from his post but it was in his dream, maybe he did. Toby hurried then so he can get back to his post but there was another problem, for he could not get out of the wagon for it was sealed shut! That is definitely another problem for the doors can only be opened now manually for the thing seems to be not operational for now and it's going to take some elbow grease to do this. Escape players, there has got to be another way for Toby to get himself out of the wagon there, will you help him out so he can get back to his post?

Escape The Subway is another new point and click train escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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