Subway Station Escape

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Leo just went all over the city that day and he loved that he spent his free time doing that, he especially loved the art galleries which he haven’t been to before because he was busy. Now for the moment he would like to return to his condo so he can rest for a bit and then back to what he is doing while he still has his day. And so he went to the train station so he can get where he needs to be, but somehow there was something and it really stopped him.

Leo have somehow entered in a wrong area of the station for there were no people where he was despite of how crowded the city is. Leo tried to get out of there but unfortunately he couldn’t, that’s because now the gates there are closed and locked! Oh no, now this is a situation, Leo thought maybe this area here is under repair and they locked it without knowing he was down there! That could be it. But whatever happened here, Leo must still escape for this is really getting him uncomfortable. Escape players, want to help Leo escape before his situation down there gets worst and even scarier?

Subway Station Escape is the newest point and click city escape game created by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Subway Station Escape

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