Humble Estate Escape

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The humble estate here now looks crude and strange, it is said to be one heck of a place way back in its days but something might have happened though which brought it to where it is now today. Marvin is pretty curious of the place though, that’s why he went there that day just to see what’s left of the place and what houses or any other structure there are still standing which he can still get into.

And so Marvin is on his adventure now, it was peaceful there and clearly abandoned, but he kept going just to see what else he can find in there. Everything was okay at first as he finds random stuff and interesting things, but it all changed though when he kept moving into a part of the place which was hard to traverse into thanks to the young trees and vegetation. And after a ton of effort in trying to get through, he got lost in there! Escape players, Marvin really had gotten himself into some trouble there, he needs to escape now for he clearly got the full experience of this place himself, and now this area seems to be trying to take him or something! Okay then, want to help Marvin here escape the place before the day here shifts to night?

Humble Estate Escape is a new outdoors escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Humble Estate Escape

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