Coach Escape

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Coach Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from 8b Games for another daring rescue adventure here indoors. Enjoy!

Dexter’s brother is quite a famous coach in the country and that day, he has a coaching activity in the stadium with his players, that’s why Dexter is heading to the exclusive village where his brother lives to pick him up and get him there. Dexter arrives in his brother’s place when somehow he realized that there was something weird, there was a negative vibe and when he saw the door of his brother’s house was open, he has doubts that this is going to be a good day, for his brother is a freak in closing his doors and stuff for safety. Well as he entered, there he saw that there was indeed a problem.

Dexter’s brother was actually trapped in one of the rooms of his very own place and after realizing that, confusion soon erupted for he doesn’t know what had happened or why his brother was even trapped in his own house. Well because his brother was a coach, he needs to help out for he still has a lot of preparation for the players at the stadium. Escape players, try the rescue attempt here with Dexter, see if you can rescue his brother before he gets late on the coaching. Good luck everyone, have fun on the rescue adventure!

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Walkthrough video for Coach Escape

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