Secret Alien Station Escape

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Matt is now experiencing the most unique thing in his life and he doesn’t know what to think of it really, is it bad or good? This unique thing that happened to him was he got abducted by aliens and he was sane and in his self 100%! Although he just came to and now he is wandering in their high-tech ship here which as he looked through a glass pane, it seems to be orbiting around the Earth right-now. Matt knew instantly that this was an alien ship even though he saw no aliens or any living creature there. Is this place abandoned? This does not look man-made, and if he is right then he is totally out of his league here and he must escape!

Escape players, in the minutes prior Matt can remember that he was sucked by some force upward while he was fixing his shed, he is definitely wondering why he was chosen by these unknown things orbiting  around the Earth. Was it an accident? Or was it definitely orchestrated? Well whatever the answer is, Matt is going to escape however he can even though it looks like a long-shot. Help Matt here escape then for this place is definitely scary and dumbfounding and that makes him lose his concentration. Help him find a way off this ship so he can get back to Earth or specifically, home.

Secret Alien Station Escape is another new point and click space escape game made by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Secret Alien Station Escape

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