Underground Alien Base Escape

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This high-tech installation has the impression of a spaceship, but it’s far from what it is really, for it is actually an underground alien base and at the moment, Scott is exploring it! So this is what his investigation about weird things of the earth got him, it is a find definitely, but he needs to get out of there though for now at least for he seems to be trapped and this scares him for he doesn’t have a clear exit there in-case something happens.

Scott have been going around the rooms for hours now and as he does that he just finds more questions than answers, more closed high-tech doors too which adds to the already bad situation there. Escape players, so far Scott is okay and he haven’t encounter anything out of this world there yet, but he has huge confirmations that this place is indeed alien in origin. So will you help him escape for the meantime? Go ahead then so that he can return hopefully soon there with everything he needs. Continue to stay alert too for this place is still pretty much a mystery.

Underground Alien Base Escape is a brand new point-and-click mystery place escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Underground Alien Base Escape

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