Find The Halloween Pumpkin Game

Find The Halloween Pumpkin

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Leo's Halloween pumpkin just got stolen that day and he is really doing his best to get it back, that's because that pumpkin is not really a normal one at all! Leo's pumpkin is a mysterious thing for it has strange powers, it gets very active at Halloween by giving candy and other stuff which just comes out of it! In turn Leo must keep it safe in his home and not let it out of the house ever, but it was stolen by some unknown perpetrators and they quickly ran into the old houses area which was located at the far end of the town!

Leo knew this for he was on pursuit of the thieves and as they entered the area, Leo stopped. This was the forbidden area which nobody advises to enter, but they entered it without hesitation. Maybe the reason for not entering the place was because there are actually thugs living there? Or how about they are not really human at all but are spooky beings who wants to get that pumpkin? And how did they even know he has it for he had kept it a real secret from anybody? Eventually Leo proceeded to enter the place for he has no choice, he needs to get that pumpkin back. Escape players, want to help Leo here get his paranormal pumpkin back before the night gets deeper?

Find The Halloween Pumpkin is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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