Find The Crystal Pumpkin Game

Find The Crystal Pumpkin

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The crystal pumpkin is a mysterious artifact, not because it looks not very natural, but it tends to move around Gary's house who was the current owner and he had lived with that for years. It doesn't do much other than that actually, but one Halloween's eve however, something happened and what it did was more than it had ever done before.

The crystal pumpkin just flew right across the room and out of the house! Gary saw it move with his own eyes for the very first time! But he never froze for he knew that thing is not normal, so he followed it around the neighborhood until it was out of his sight. It's very near midnight now and he is out looking for that thing as the Halloween action slows down in the neighborhood. Gary keeps it natural though for he doesn't want to catch too much attention. Eventually Gary got tired and it seems that thing does not want itself to be found, but he needs it back for he is the current caretaker of it and who knows what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands. Escape players, come help Gary here find that runaway pumpkin in the neighborhood before somebody finds it.

Find The Crystal Pumpkin is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames.

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