Halloween Abode Escape Game

Halloween Abode Escape

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The Halloween house is finally open for the public and everyone was ready to take it on! One of them was Ansel and he was excited for he had only been watching the place a few weeks ago being fixed, he watched patiently then decided he'll take-on the place's spooky challenges this year, and so he did. Ansel took-on a great initial challenge first though, and that is the long line which consisted of his neighbors and people from the city. Everyone was excited and so was he, but as it was finally his turn however, his excitement instantly turned into fear for his mustered courage wasn't actually enough for the spooks of the place!

At first it was calm and eerie, but as soon as he proceeded further into the rooms, things started to become active and that only made Ansel to move quickly and not focus at all. He is now uncertain if he can pass this challenge he took, but he is determined to escape though for the spooks are starting to close-in from behind! Escape players, want to join Ansel here on this challenge and see if you can escape the Halloween house for this year?

Halloween Abode Escape is the newest point and click spooky indoor escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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