Escape From Wooden Condo

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Roman have really turned his place into his man-cave, why is that so? Well he had always dreamed of having a wooden themed house but because he can’t afford one yet, he decorated his condo here into his preference. Roman absolutely loves it now, his room is exactly what he wanted but still, his dream of having a place for himself is still ahead of him and soon he will get it. First though, he’ll have to make use of his condo fully and have memories in it too, well that day little did he know he’ll really have an experience there.

Roman just got trapped in his place and the concerning thing about it is he doesn’t even know what happened! Roman couldn’t open his doors anymore and it’s just weird for he is already very familiar with his room, he is starting to think that something very different is happening here, a thing that he must fix now as soon as possible. Escape players, Roman doesn’t have any answers about this, but will you help him solve this problem though before it somehow gets worst? Find things then and a clue of what’s happening here so that escape can be possible.

Escape From Wooden Condo is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Escape From Wooden Condo


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