Uncle John Escape (8b Games)

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Your uncle John is the hippest among the siblings for he is the youngest of them all and was quite chill, even his house was so for it looks like it belongs to a teenager. Latest game consoles were there, enough food for a whole day movie marathon and it’s just great, that’s why you spend at least once a week there trying to beat him on his video games. But that day however as you arrived once again to his place, you realized that there was a problem and John needs help!

You called for you have just arrived at his house and the moment you listened, you quickly heard his scream for help! You immediately came to the room where his voice was coming from but the door was locked. He was actually trapped in there and he needs help! It’s a good thing you came just the right time for he would have been forced to bust his door open. Well there is still a problem though, for you have no idea how to even open that door! Escape players, you are in the situation here now, will you be able to free John from the room where he is trapped and of course safely? Use your skills and logic then as well as things around the house which you can use for the rescue.

Uncle John Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.