Modern Condo Escape

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Adelaide’s condo was absolutely elegant and really fits with the modern tastes of today, it also has great functionality and because Adelaide was very opportunistic, she made it her point to use those functionalities to also fit for her designs there, and the result was a convenient home. But that day though it seems that something happened and that convenience seems to have taken a day-off.

What happened to Adelaide there is she got trapped for her doors would not open no more. That’s quite strange, for she didn’t know that her door actually had an automated functionality, or there wasn’t and it’s just jammed. As she saw it though it wasn’t really jammed or anything, it’s just hard to open now for it seems that the latch is now locked. Adelaide cannot jump into conclusions here now, but she must try to find-out what happened so she can fix this. Escape players, Adelaide is going to need a little help here, want to give her a hand then in her condo unit so she can fix whatever this mysterious problem is in the rooms and quickly?

Modern Condo Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Modern Condo Escape

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