Witch Dog Escape

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The local white witch have tasked Hugh a local resident to get her something and it’s urgent right-now for she got her hands full at the moment. She tasked him to go into the dark forest and retrieve her puppy which had once again ran-off! She swears she is going to use magic next-time just to keep her dog in, but first she needs somebody to get it for her and as a person who owes the witch once for she had helped him with his failing crops before, he’ll come and help her for well how hard can it be now?

Hugh knows how dangerous the forest is and that makes this a really tough rescue, for he is betting his life on it, he’ll still get this done though for he had been to the forest before and nothing happened to him, he just hopes though it will be safe as he goes in there again. Escape players, Hugh needs a little help here to rescue the witch’s small dog so he can also get out of the place sooner, will you be able to help him by finding clues which can lead to the current location of that dog?

Witch Dog Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.