Escape From Snake Medusa Game

Escape From Snake Medusa

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Escape From Snake Medusa is another new point and click daring escape game made by Games 4 Escape for more fun escapes from a mythological monster. Good luck!

The dark forest is not just a place one can visit like a tourist spot, for rumor has it that one of the gorgons in Greek mythology is living in that place and not just a gorgon, it is the most powerful one. Jeremiah loved all of his vacations to different sites around the world and nothing will sway him from a place he wishes to venture into, but little did he know that this day is going to be his last in sticking on that attitude.

Jeremiah was already pretty close in the heart of the forest as he ventures in it, and slowly the sun sets which is actually making him very excited. But as he made a turn around a specific area however, he continued to think that there's nothing there but sadly, there's definitely was for that turn he made brought him to the gorgon Medusa herself! Jeremiah looked at the huge human-like snake creature and it's a good thing he looked-away quickly for he knows about the thing turning anyone into stone just by looking at her eyes. Jeremiah then ran as quickly as he can away from the area and he knows that the gorgon is chasing him, he had even lost her but because this is her lair, it's only a matter of time before she finds him. Will Jeremiah be able to escape out of the scary forest and of course, from the clutches of Medusa as well? Try this adventure as well escape players, have fun escaping from a being that can turn anyone into stone!

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